Kolkata Style Biriyani Goodness

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A New Place In Town Biriyan Serving Authentic Biriyanis From The Nawabs. Featured here is their Hyderabadi Version that was flavoursome and delicious. The Hyderabadi Dum Biriyani is the kacchi style of Dum Biriyani, where the meat is cooked along with the rice. Biriyan makes this very delicious and rich version that’s just perfect. This is not your regular bengaluru Hyderabadi Biriyani that is super spicy, with separate white rice and masala layers. It’s a well mixed, rightly spiced with mild meat flavours emanating from the rice, well balanced Hyderabadi Biriyani. The packaging was impeccable, wonderful sealed pack of Biriyani, Salan and Raita. The outer packaging box contains the history of the Biriyani, and their ideologies on Biriyani, the Biriyan promise. The portion is good enough for 2 people with two pieces of perfectly cooked chicken.

This time I tried their delicious Kolkata Style Mutton Biriyani that was equally delicious, very authentic, with about 5-6 small pieces of beautifully cooked mutton and Offcourse a yummy potato piece. I personally liked the Biriyani, except for the fact that the Kewra jal is something that I personally am not a big fan of. I believe it takes away the meat flavour infused in the rice. But I got to understand it’s as authentic as it gets in a Kolkata style Biriyani, the Kewra with rose water & saffron infusion is preferred and I respect that tradition and appreciate the fact that it is something that is adhered to here at Biriyan Now go on, order away and indulge in some authentic homemade authentic Kolkata feast, now through Swiggy as well.

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