Get Your Kid To Embrace Their Inner Picasso At This Art Academy In HSR Layout

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For the kiddies who love to dabble in doodles and drawings, HSR’s Konsult Art & Design Academy is the place to discover the artist lurking in them. 

What Makes It Awesome

Tucked into one of the bylanes of HSR Layout (they have a branch in Bellandur too), Konsult Art & Design Academy is a great place for kiddies to embrace their blossoming love for art. The academy offers classes for the budding Picassos and Frida Kahlos of the city. And your tiny tot can join these classes as early as three years (courses go up to 13 years and above). 

For the little ones, there are lessons on drawing lines, understanding colours, shapes, animals, and landscapes. As they climb up the levels, they are introduced to poster painting, sketching, human figures and experimental art. Each level has anywhere between 20 sessions and 60 hours. And the higher you go, the more serious the art gets! 


Konsult Academy offers full-blown diploma and certification courses for the adults. You can also sign up for short workshops in mural art, soap making, decoupage and whatnot. Follow them on Facebook for regular updates. 


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