No Money, No Cry: Where To Eat In Koramangala For INR 100 Or Less

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Be it the beginning of the month or the fag end of it, none of us like to pass up a good deal when it comes to eating out. And if you are hungry and looking for a thrifty meal, then, there’s no better place than Koramangala. Almost every lane you walk through, you’ll find plenty of restaurants, cafes, and makeshift stalls that offer VFM eats that make your wallet happy. Since this could well turn out out to be a bottomless list, we are dividing it up into a series of  that we’ll share over the coming months. LBB explores Koramangala to bring you the places where you can eat for INR 100 or less.

A Hole Lotta Love Cafe

This popular all-day breakfast joint offers plenty for your slim wallet. If you’ve spent all your money on getting drunk the previous day, we recommend that you stop by for The Hangover Remedy. For INR 100, your plate will come stacked with spiced-up, fried eggs, slices of bread, and butter. Their plain waffles, pancakes, and French Toast come at great prices as well (INR 70-90).

Tibetan Mother’s Kitchen

For a filling meal, just skip to the thukpa section at this humble eatery. You will be able to choose between vegetarian and meat versions (chicken and pork) of the hearty, noodle broth. If you have another INR 100 to spare, then, order up plates of their steaming momos and walk out with a happy stomach.

Uday Sweets

You can find not one but two of this budget eatery in Koramangala. Head to either one and take your pick from fresh batches of kachorischaats, and pav bhaji. They also offer a bang-for-buck thali during lunch time. With this, you’ll get two rotissabzidal, pickle and sweet for just INR 70. The Channa Bhatura too is a worthy pick.

Lot Like Crepes

Pamper your sweet tooth at this tiny eatery. While their savoury crepes will go beyond the budget (although not too over), you can stick to their sweet treats to stay on track. The plain crepes with toffee, chocolate, and Malaysian Kaya will not hurt your pocket much. Nor will the Apple Cinnamon with honey version.

Anand Sweets and Savouries

This popular sweet shop has gone way beyond just sugary treats, you’ll discover on your trip here. When you are feeling peckish, order up their samosas, plates of chaat, or helpings of dhokla. For lunch or dinner, you can polish off plates of parathas that come stuffed with aloogobi, paneer, or vegetables.

FabIndia Cafe

One of the first FabIndias in town to have an attached cafe, the Koramangala outlet makes sure it is worth your time and money. After an exhausting shopping spree, you can sink your teeth into typical cafe fare like sandwiches, burgers, and rolls. If you are looking for something sweet, then, slices of the banana cake or a chocolate walnut brownie should keep you good company.

Cafe On The Way

While nearly everything to get a happy tummy is well under INR 150, they do have a few options for under INR 100 for when you're feeling peckish. Their veg sandwiches are relatively reasonable, of which the cheese (and the tomato and cheese) options are classic yet cheap. If you're looking for a quick breakfast, their baked beans and toast are under INR 100 for those end of the month breakfasts. 

Purani Dilli

The folks behind Anand Sweets are behind this eatery too (both establishments are in the same building). Grab a seat and order up their highly recommended Pav Bhaji. There’s also their greasy Chola Bhatura that’s a hit. Your limited budget can also bring you parathas, vegetarian sandwiches, or chaats.

Kota Kachori

Craving for something that’s warm and comforting? Then, head to the billing counter and ask for their flaky kachoris. Their chaat section won’t disappoint you either. However, if you are here during meal times then sign up for plates of their Chola, Rajma, or Kadi rice. You can read all about Kota Kachori, here.


Choose carefully at this hip cafe and you’ll walk away with a steal. For INR 100 or less, you’ll find a few options under the Pav, Hot Dogs, and Burger section. Can’t live without rice? Then, their Rice Bowl offerings that feature flavours like Egg, Palak Corn, and Peri Peri are winners.

Sagar Fast Food

This darshini’s extensive menu offers plenty of South and North Indian staples. Idlis, dosas, and vadas are some of the stars on the Southern side of things. Travel North and you can dig your spoon into pulavs and vegetable biryanis. The thalis, however, steal the show here. Priced between INR 50 – 60, the variety on your plate is worth every penny.


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