We Ate Our Way Through The Best Momos In Koramangala And Here Are Our Favourites

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Ah, momos. That one snack that can give competition to its nearest rival, the pani puri. Having already eaten our way through the best pani puris stalls in Koramangala, our heart {and tummy} was set on those steamed wonders that can pretty much satisfy anyone’s hunger pangs. From cheese to egg bhurji momos, countless momos were consumed in our quest, making it hard for us to pick the best of the best. But since this isn’t a list of all the momo stalls in Koramangala, we present to you the five best momo stalls in Koramangala for you to hit up. If you have a ravenous appetite, go solo, else gather the squad and make this a momo crawl. #InMomosWeTrust

Dawa's Hot Momos

Most Koramangala people will agree with us when we say that Dawa serves one of the best momos in the area. Located just opposite Jyoti Nivas College Lane, the momo stall serves steamed and fried variants of chicken and vegetable momos. Served with what is arguably a throat-shockingly spicy sauce for many, eight soft and melt-in-your-mouth momos are yours to gobble up. Mayonnaise is served alongside for anyone who can’t handle the heat.

Time: 3 pm onwards

Price: INR 60 upwards

Hot Momos {Outside Terra Bites}

Giving stiff competition to Dawa’s Hot Momos is its neighbour, Hot Momos with equally soft and fluffy momos. The street cart almost looks like it is a part of Terra Bites, but it is not. Serving only steamed versions, you can order yourself a round of fluffy chicken momos. The sauce packs a punch but they tend to have a few off days when the sauce is pretty watery. But we like that since it’s a like eating soupy momos. The vegetarian momos consist mainly of cabbage, but onions and carrots are there too.

Time: 3 pm onwards

Price: INR 50 upwards

Taste Of Nepal

Free veg {or some days chicken soup} is one of the reasons why we like Taste Of Nepal {TON}. Located bang opposite the All Year Koramangala Book Fair store, TON goes beyond just chicken and vegetarian momos. You can load up on cheese, paneer, mushroom, and falay. The last one is a momo variant where the momos are directly fried without being steamed. We absolutely love the cheese and paneer variant, and mushroom ones are quite a favourite too! Two sauces, one super spicy and one peanutty and mildly spicy, are served alongside. Fried variants are available too.

Time: 4 pm onwards

Price: INR 40 upwards

Darjeeling Hot Momos

Having two of the best stalls side by side can be a bit tricky, especially when you have to pick one over the other. That’s the case with Darjeeling Hot Momos {DHM} that’s next to Taste Of Darjeeling. In fact, DHM is the popular one of the two, with these folks evening having a Google location for themselves. It’s probably got to do with the fact that they are the only ones on that side of the town that does colourful momos. Green for paneer, purple for mushroom, and yellow for cheese. Most days you get all the three, but there are the off chances you might only get one or two colours. Spicy chutney is a given, so is free soup.

Time: 4 pm onwards

Price: INR 40 upwards

Pooja's Momos

Located next to Cult Koramangala {the one opposite Bethany High School}, Pooja’s wins for its consistency hands down, along with their cheese, egg, paneer, and mushroom momos. Our go-to momo is always the veg one, but the egg one is worth trying. Instead of the usual boiled egg stuffing, these come with egg bhurji stuffing. Piquant sauces in the form of a spicy one, a mayo, and a green chutney are served alongside the momos. Oh, and if soup’s available, order the momo-soup combo where you can eat the momos dunked in soup. Bliss on breezy evenings.

Time: 5 pm onwards

Price: INR 40 upwards


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