Eat Egg Puffs, Choco Doughnuts And Drink Coffee At This Iconic Bakery In Richmond Town

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A subsidiary of the Koshy’s restaurant on St Marks Road, this hidden bakery is perfect for a quick coffee break under the trees. Of course, the trademark puffs and doughnuts are on offer too.

Pass The Cutlet

If you’re new to Bangalore, the Koshy’s Bakery in Richmond Town on Wellington Street is quite the hidden gem. Even if you’re old Bangalorean, it might have slipped your mind that that this mini bakery cafe exists. Absolutely fuss-free, with wooden tables and plastic chairs dotting the space, this one’s more of a cafe where you get to stand around chatting.

Don’t expect fancy crockery or cutlery here. It’s very basic. But when you’re distracted by flaky egg puffs {yes, the curried kinds Koshy’s is famous for}, or the mutton cutlets, who’s complaining. Service is over the counter, and you can pick from samosas {our least favourite}, vegetable and chicken cutlets, and chicken rolls. Their beef cutlets are one of the best in town, so don’t go away without eating those. They also have sandwiches if you want something more healthy. Old school and simple, they just slather on butter, shredded chicken with plenty of tomato ketchup on the side. A chutney option too is on offer but it doesn’t get our vote. What does get our vote are the doughnuts. Soft, fluffy and very chocolatey, Homer Simpson would be in heaven if he ate here. There’s also the sugary version, which we like to have with coffee. Puffs {egg, vegetable or chicken} win top marks here for their lovely layers, flaky casing and generous stuffing.

Take It Home

A bakery at the core, you can go to this outlet for your stock of fresh bread that comes in loaves and buns, and cookies. We particularly like their chocolate biscuits, that are shaped like macaroons — crumbly and almost like eating powder chocolate, it’s possibly our favourite bakery creation. All those around since the 70s, you’ll know this! Jams, marmalade, pastries, mayonnaise and savoury snacks also don the shelves. So go old school and stock up your larder with Koshy’s stuff this time around. Thank us later.


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