#GoHereEatThis: Kova Naan At Albert Bakery

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Albert Bakery needs no introduction. But while patrons harp on about their samosas, puffs, and cutlets — we ask you to turn your attention to the flaky and gooey, Kova Naan.

Crunch Factor

The mutton stuffed samosas and cutlets have always been our favourite at Albert Bakery that started over a century ago. But a few days ago, we were presented with the Kova Naan. From the outside, it looked like a regular, old Dilpasand {a circular, dough pastry that’s  stuffed with dry coconut shavings, sugar and tootie-fruttie}. So we may or may not have turned our noses up, only to eat humble kova-filled pie a few minutes later.

The flaky pastry forms a thin, shiny brown layer. Tear it apart and Kova comes oozing out. It’s creamy and silken. And pairs spectacularly well with the crunch of the outer layer. You can pair this up with a cup of hot, steaming chai or simply gobble it up for dessert. If you don’t want to return without your share of awesome naan, get here early and snap up your order. The naan also comes in coconut and mutton versions, by the way.

What Else?

Open only in the evenings, there’s practically nothing at Albert Bakery that misses the spot. It’s a neighbourhood-favourite and you’ll find a steady stream of customers walking out with fresh bread and packets filled with their famed Salt Biscuits. In the savoury section, you can pick from samosa, cutlets and puffs that come stuffed with regular vegetable fillings or minced meats. For all the details on Albert Bakery, read more here.


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