Impressed By The Greenery At Lalbagh? Pick Up A Plant From Their Nursery

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Looking to decorate your flat with some potted plants? Then look no further than Krishnendra Plant Nursery at Lalbagh!

What Makes It Awesome

Be it a tiny succulent for the study desk or a beautiful creeper for the balcony, the Krishnendra Plant Nursery at Lalbagh has got it all. All the plants are very decently priced, including an exciting range of exotic plants. You’ll find beautiful flowers for as little as INR 30!

The nursery, with the efforts of their biotechnology division, produces high quality plants and flowers using the tissue culture technique. With this technique, they are able to breed around 200 varieties of the Hibiscus. So, if you are looking for an extremely unique, designer plant, you know you are at the right place! Don’t have a sprawling garden? Don’t worry! Also on offer are grass beds in all shapes and sizes. So you can have a mini-lawn in a space as small as your balcony.

The nursery has a great collection of plants spread over an expansive area which is great to explore, and makes for a very peaceful sight to take in (and take home!). It also houses an impressive garden accessories store which had some of the cutest and brightly coloured flower pots, plant ornaments along with other equipments like flower and plant boosters, essential for plant farming. The nursery also has a very special maali - a very cute and naughty dog!