Jamun Fruit Bombs And Creamy Kashmiri Kesar Kulfi: This Budget Dessert Kiosk In Airlines Hotel Is Bae

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Operating out of a tiny stall in Airlines Hotel, Kulfreeze specialises in fruit bombs and kulfi. Their Jamun and Kashmiri Kesar flavours will make your sweet tooth sing with glee. And the prices will make your wallet happy. 

Be Da Bomb

Need a quick, wallet-friendly fix for your sugar cravings? Then, head to the bustling Airlines Hotel and give the Corner House there a miss! Instead, make your way to the humble Kulfreeze stall that’s right at the entrance. The place does the now familiar cut-up kulfis that were made popular, in the city, by the likes of Bombay Chowpatty Kulfi. However, what gives Kulfreeze an edge is their fruit bombs.

We especially loved the Jamun Bomb — frozen chunks of fruit sprinkled with chaat masala. They don’t try to mess with fruit’s natural flavours by adding plenty of sugar or milk  or khoya — concentrating entirely on the sweet and sour notes of the jamun. The chaat masala is a stroke of genius and really ups the yumminess quotient of the  dish. While creamier, we also loved the Mango Bombs where bits of fresh fruit speckled the kulfi.

Creme Of The Creme

For the puritans among you, the Kashmiri Kesar Kulfi will check all the right boxes. It’s rich and luscious and if you are looking for a real, soul-satisfying treat — this is it. However, we were left sorely disappointed with the sitafal {custard apple} offering, the kulfi we felt had none of the chewy, sweetness that we associate with the beloved fruit.

Apart from these, we’ve also heard great things about their tamarind, watermelon, tender coconut, and litchi bombs. Prices begin at INR 60. And you can also sign up for family packs {begin at INR 220} and party orders.


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