#WeekendGoals: Trek Up The Picturesque Kunti Betta Trails In South Karnataka

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What Makes It Awesome

Got a long weekend coming and you are in the mood for a little adventure? Check out the Kunti Betta trek which is about 125 kilometers from the city (great for a road trip!). An overnight journey from Bangalore is all you need to reach this picturesque trekking trail.

As the name suggests, it is the namesake of Pandavas’ mother Kunti, from the Mahabharata. Legend and locals believe that during the 14-year exile, she along with her five sons took shelter in the town what is now called Pandavpura. The mythological connection of the place ends as soon as you reach the destination. Essentially, the Kunti Betta trekking trail consists of two rocky hills that are situated just under 3,000 feet above sea level. The trek is about 2 kilometers and takes about an hour to reach the peak. It is an easy to moderate level trek. Experience the night trek to truly understand why it’s the most popular night treks from Bangalore. Trek up the trail late night and stay until dawn to witness the beautiful sunrise, which will make the trek worthwhile. 

Make sure to carry water, torch lights and wear trekking shoes while trekking at night or early morning. You could take pictures of the Croc-Face rock boulders. Climb up the rocks and see the paddy fields, coconut trees, and Kunti Kund. Speaking of Kunti Kund, it’s a pit stop plus photo-op point. Basically, it’s a lake that surrounds the foot of the hills. Thonnur Lake, which is roughly 10 km away from the trail is another place that you could hit up after your trek. Swimming and kayaking are activities that you can do here. 


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