Get Hands On: Learn To DIY Shelves And Tables With This Woodworking Activity Group

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Channel your inner Ron Swanson and learn woodworking from Kydo. Run by Deepak Mulajkar, a mechanical engineer with a passion for DIY, the activity group will teach you the basics of carpentry in just two days!

What Makes It Awesome

Whether you're frustrated with carpenters over-charging you for the smallest changes, or you're just looking to pick up a new (and very useful) hobby, woodworking might just be your next favourite thing to do. Even if you're a beginner, you don't have to worry; simply reach out to the DIY activity group, Kydo and attend one of their workshops. Next thing you know, you'll be building your own shelf or shoe rack. Take that, carpenters!

The founder, Deepak Mulajkar will take you through the basics himself. In the beginning, he will take you through the different types of wood: plywood hardwood, softwood, MDF and so on. From there, you will learn how to handle tools like jigsaws and table saws, how to pair wood with tools, and understand the different kinds of cuts and joints. Once you've mastered all of this (phew!), you get to enjoy the fun part - the practical class! Here, you will learn how to make a small clock, a shelf or carve a coffee table out of pine wood. Just so you'll be able to do this on your own later on, he will leave you with a plank of plywood, so you can design something from your imagination. 

Kydo also offers workshops on woodworking with hand tools. That means you get to use tools like chisels and planers, learn to sharpen hacksaws and build wooden handles - all the important things! The best part? All the materials (including the wood) will be provided by Kydo, and you can take home your creation.


These workshops take place once a month, so keep a watch out for them on Kydo's Facebook. Plus, Deepak can customise the workshop for children, too.