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Rustic Vibes, Beer On Tap & Gorgeous Villa Feels: Sarjapur's New Bar + Kitchen Is Now Open

La Casa Brewery + Kitchen

Kasavanahalli, Bangalore


On the last count, we had about 30 microbreweries in the city. And that is a lot, mind you. Adding to that list is this industrial meets chic looking microbrewery in the distant land of Sarjapur. Bangalore, say hello to La Casa Brewery + Kitchen.

La Massive Ambience

Simply put, La Casa means home in Spanish. And in the 16,000 square feet of space, it’s the ground floor that’s more of a cafe and a restaurant that gives you more of them homely feels. The top two floors, where the microbrewery is located, has an industrial-meets-rustic, chic feel to the space. And there, lies La Casa’s winning factor. It’s a massive space, mind you, with the brewing tanks quite literally taking centre stage.

Dotted with green all over the space, adding to the rustic element are stone walls, repurposed wooden furniture, and those high ceilings. Hanging light fixtures, exposed bricks and the like add a subtle industrial look with the space around the glass structure that houses the tanks finishing off the chic look. Come lunchtime you will find the place brightly lit with natural light, thanks to the semi-covered setup, and evenings, well, you need to be there to enjoy Bangalore’s salubrious weather with a pint.

What's On Tap?

Getting down to business, it’s five craft brews on tap for you to sit back and sip. If you are a Weiss guy, there’s the Villa Weissbier that got flavours of bananas and tinge of spice brought on by the addition of cloves. In for something stout-y? There’s Dark Castle, a chocolate milk stout layered with coffee and dark fruits for a bit of sweetness. The Garden Mist is your Heidelberg Pilsner while the Red Wood is an ale that’s brewed with a tea-like flavour. Wrapping things up is the IPA, Bangalore Hurricane which is brewed to have a fruity-spicy character.

Eat, Drink, Repeat

While the menu is still yet to be launched, we hear that it’s going to be global, so expect Italian, American and what not. The menu also gets Spanish additions in the form of Chilli Con Carne, Spanish Omelette, and Pork Ribs with Spanish BBQ {yummers!}. In for something more comfort-like? There’s Coorg and Mangalorean style pork preparation along with all-time favourites Tandoori Chicken and Grilled Paneer Shaslik. Pizzas are on the menu too guys, so hurrah for that!

In terms of the drinks, we have to talk about the beer cocktails that these guys are doing. They have a beer margarita {don’t worry, the vodka is still there} that you might want to try. In for something lighter? Do check out the Black Velvet which is white wine topped with beer and cola. Spicy Chilli Beer is for the adventurous soul with green chilli, Capisco sauce, lime juice, and beer in the mix.

So, We Are Thinking...

We can’t wait to try the new menu and that ambience is something that we’ll go back for, despite the fact that it will be an arduous journey.

La Casa Brewery + Kitchen

Kasavanahalli, Bangalore