We Tried These Lace Denims On Commercial Street And We Love Them

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Is it a trend? Is it a DIY project? We don’t know for sure. But our mecca for budget fashion aka Commercial Street has suddenly thrown up statement lace jeans as the latest fad. And we quickly got ourselves a pair to see whether it was a yay or a nay.

Not Just Denims

Like all things good, global fashion trends trickle down and come right where they need to — Commercial Street, the heart of Bangalore’s budget shopping, the paradise of all things that can’t be found anywhere else. Needless to say, we found these lacy pair of denims, right where we expected to find them. Whether it’s a pair of shorts or a shirt, lace detailing amps up a basic piece of clothing so much that you’d really look straight out of the runway {until and unless you are competing with Kanye, who we have seen sporting this trend}. And strutting in these can give your confidence a 10x boost, just really, slip into them and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

The Styling

So my editor thought I looked like Spiderwoman for some strange reason, but I’m not complaining. It’s pretty comfortable, though the sizes are a bit iffy. I’m wearing a waist 28 {I usually wear a 24}, which is really loose, though the rest of it was a near-perfect fit. A slight alteration will be required for skinny girls, and the sizes go up to 40. Curvy girls, you might love it, you might hate it — but it’s definitely worth a try! The black lace detailing is on either side  —  it can be OTT depending on how you choose to wear it. I decided to go with a basic black tee and black court heels because the pair of denims is a statement piece in itself. A black choker and black leather bracelet for that slightly goth vibe, because I’m not a very feminine dresser. But you could totally go all out and don a crop top for a Saturday night party, or keep it casual with an anti-fit white shirt for a Sunday brunch. And besides when something so cool is available right on Commercial Street, why not! The jeans are available in white lace detailing as well, but when I tried them on they don’t look as impressive as they looked on the racks. If you think the price is too much, you can totally cut your jeans up and try some D.I.Y.! Happy shopping, ladies!

Where: Bee Amazing, 24 Commercial Street

Price: INR 2,695

Contact: +91 80 40974004

Timings: 10.30am-9.30pm


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