Ten-second Takeaway

For their first collection of the year, Lai is combining the aesthetics of the Mid Century Modern period with the art of Bidri to craft silver jewellery that will never go out of style.

Silver Linings

Over the years, Lai’s collections have earned a whole lotta love thanks to their contemporary interpretations of age-old craftsmanship. Previously, their collections have explored techniques like Thappa {die-stamping from Jaipur}, elegant motifs from the Mughal period, and they’ve even incorporated vintage coins into their pieces. This time around, Bidri {a 14th-century handicraft where oxidised zinc and copper alloy are inlaid with intricate designs made from pure silver} meets the design sensibilities of the Mid Century Modern Period {think clean lines and minimalist design}. The results, you can see for yourself, are pretty stunning.

Bespoke Baubles

lai silver jewelry new bidri collection

Source: Lai Designs

Made of 29 pieces, the latest collection from Lai includes necklaces, earrings, cuffs, pendants and rings. The Bidri work {done by specialist artisans at Lai’s workshop in Jaipur} is marked by simple geometric patterns, neat lines and simple floral work. The gloss of the detailed silver work contrasts beautifully with the matte finishing of the zinc and copper background, and they make for striking yet elegant pieces. The surrounding silverwork too follows the diktats of the Mid Century Modern Period and keeps things simple. 

From the designs that are displayed on their website, we love the Bidri modernist pendant that features two elegant droplets that are inlaid with silver wire work  – we loved the different patterns used in this one. We also have our eyes fixed on Bidri Dori necklace that can class up any outfit. The twin triangle statement ring too is also worth snapping up, we think.

Where: You can check out the collection here.

Price: INR 3,500 – INR 9,980

Contact: Mail shop@lai-designs.com to place your order.

Find them on Facebook here.

Check out the website here.