This Tiny Store On CMH Road Offers Budget Baking Supplies And Even Vegan Whipping Cream

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The only place to get Tropolite Whip Cream plus every other kind of baking supply you can imagine – Lakshica Traders can get you started on your baking journey.

Bakers Gonna Bake

If you’re a home baker and you say you haven’t run around in circles looking for food colouring, piping nozzles or silicone moulds, you’re a liar. But we’ve got the solution for that! We found a tiny little store while walking along CMH Road called “Lakshica Bakers” that’s got everything you need to start your own little bakery. Cupcake liners in various sizes and colours, at least 40 different types of nozzles {INR 40 a pop}, silicone moulds and pattern makers, different shapes and sizes of baking trays {INR 130 for an 8 inch tray} and any other tool that you may be in need of is available at Lakshica.

Now Watch Me Whip

Vegan bakers rejoice! Lakshica Traders is the only place in Bangalore that stocks Tropolite Whipping Cream, which is a non-dairy whip cream. Non-vegans can also rejoice because Tropolite is apparently better than dairy whipping creams as it is more stable and doesn’t need any additions like gelatine or corn flour. They also have huge jars of blueberry, cranberry and pineapple toppings, liquid-based food colouring {finally} as well as cake gel, flavoured syrups and caramel. 


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