Lamps, Bags & Cushion Covers Made With Banana Fibre? Earthy Hues Does It All

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What Makes It Awesome

True to its name, Earthy Hues is a brand that's keeping it close to nature with their handcrafted range of products made with banana fibre. From table runners to notebooks and binders, we're loving this brand's rustic take on decor and accessories. We're also big fans of the brand's bag collection that comes in a bunch of different styles, from clutches to handbags.

What Could Be Better?

As of now, the brand operates primarily online. They don't have a store in town.

What's My Pro Tip?

You can order their stuff directly off of their website or on { }.

Anything Else?

Prices start at INR 200. Moreover, the banana fibre is woven by women in many parts of rural South India, providing them with a steady source of livelihood.

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