Ten-Second Takeaway

Wage a friendly-war for the glory and honour of victory on the battle field at Lazer Castle. Be warned, laser tag can be addictive!

Prepare For Battle


280816_LazerTag2No this has nothing to do with Major Lazer. This is just old-school GI Joe stuff merged with Jedi style laser weapons — except it’s guns and not a lightsaber. We set off one afternoon to get our soldier game on. A dark setup to add to the drama, pick your team wisely because even though it is all for fun, it can get highly competitive. Or maybe that was just my crew!

Since it’s meant to be a battle, gearing up in camouflage is part of the run up. Especially because the jacket has infrared sensor spots on it {shoulders, back and front}, and that is how the laser tag works. Then, pick up your guns {laser phasers } in true army style to shoot at afore mentioned targets on opponents. This set up has tyre walls, bridges, ramps, hidden rooms — it’s quite a labyrinth at best of times, more so when it’s dark. So when it’s lights out, the war is on!

Waging War

LaserTagCarefully treading the path, desperate to not be the first one down, I realised staying low is a great game plan. When two temporary enemies were scampering around, I aimed to shoot {you know, what I mean}. And I got one shot on target. When the next one was still ‘alive’, I did the next best thing to crouching — ran helter skelter screaming. Apparently, that works too! Keep shooting at those moving shadows though, it’s the opponent! And there’s nothing like unlimited ammunition with a longer shooting range. Easier to hide strategically, at least when compared to Paint Balling! Plus, no painful pellets whacking your ever so often. Phew!

From The Base

Protecting the base will be your main target, as was mine. With hardly a minute left of our total of 15 minutes, naturally victory was my fabulous team’s. Don’t be misled by the duration — it’s a solid workout, because you’re constantly on the move. That said, we wish the game did last longer as it takes you a while to get used to it. To compensate, we did play three more games, and are now self-proclaimed pros.


Don’t wear loose fitting clothing or flip flops as they’ll hamper movement, and are deemed dangerous for the game.

Where: 3, 80 Feet Road, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar

Price: INR 150 upwards

Contact: +91 9886786039

Timings: 11am-10pm

Find them on Facebook here.

Check out their website here.

Photos source: Lazer Castle, LASER TAG