All The World's A Stage And This Group Will Help You Play!

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Need to channel your inner diva or comedian? The Last Page Collective can help. 

What Makes It Awesome

All you creative people just bursting with talent and expression, but with no real channel or space to do so listen up! The Last Page creative is a collective of, well, creatives who you can be a part of to get your creative juices flowing in the right direction. 

Started by a bunch of students who wanted to explore their talents outside of their academics (we have all done this at some point, right?),they meet at least once a week based on everyone’s schedules to be creative, have fun, and just express themselves. Apart from putting up theatre productions, and hosting events, they will also happily curate events for you. For instance if you want to host an event, or a performance for a party, inauguration, or just something to get people together, feel free to contact them, give them a brief of what you’d like and they will curate, facilitate and deliver. 

For those of  you who want to act or perform, sign up on their website, contact them via social media, or on +919632084327 to join. They also conduct many an open mic across the city, so if you’d rather show them what you got first, sign up for it. 


All their projects are paid, as they believe in paying the artists that they work with. 


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