Our Daily Bread: What The LBB Crew Orders For Lunch In Indiranagar

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At the Little Black Book Bangalore office, we are always looking forward to lunch hour. Whether we are feeling healthy or want to pig out on some good ol’ greasy Chinese, you will always find us on the lookout for a good place to order in at work. From chicken tikka rolls to Jhalmoori and creamy Dal Makhani to chilli garlic noodles, we have ordered it all. Here’s a sneak peek into how our weekly lunch orders look like.


On lean days {read end of the month type scenario} we order in their wholesome Anda Bhurji and pao which costs a princely sum of INR 70 only. Add in some extra paoand you are set for a budget lunch. But on days we are feeling rich, we head to this tiny joint to eat their really good fish thali. We have already raved about it here. Or their vegetarian thali, with which we order a fried Bangra, deep fried mackerel smacked with plenty of fiery red masala and kokum.


Kim Lee

There are days when nothing apart from greasy Chinese from Kim Lee will cut it for us. Those are the days when we dive into Kim Lee’s Chilli Garlic Noodles, Kolkata-style spicy Chilli Chicken, or their Shiitake Mushroom Fried Rice {with real shiitake, and chicken}. We can also vouch for their Tempura Chicken, not at all like a Tempura but more like a chicken bhajji, but what a fantastic snack it is.


Au Bon Pain

When we are heading for an early morning meeting at work, a quick stop at Au Bon Pain to pick up brekkie is a routine for us. Their skinny bagels are rather good, slathered with herb butter and so is their selection of regular bagels topped with pesto {not on the menu, but they will customise it for you}. Their strong and silent cappuccino, the really good chewy choco chip cookie and their sweet, sticky banana walnut muffins are quick fixes for us.



Celebrations at the LBB headquarters call for tubs of Dal Makhani, ordered from North Indian joint Kund. We could just eat spoonfuls of this wonderful creamy, rich, slow cooked dal without needing anything else. Maybe just a Butter Garlic Naan or two. Kund also does fantastic tikkas and other kebabs, but don’t order those in. Head to Kund to eat it hot, off the tandoor literally.


Vietnamese Kitchen

The Chicken Banh-Mi or a chunky baguette stuffed with cucumber and carrots, pieces of chicken, crunchy onions and a fried egg with a sweet and spicy sauce and plenty of fresh coriander is our standard order here. Add in a fizzy drink or a mocktail and you can do a combo lunch.



Ladoos is what a North Indian dream lunch is made of. Parathas. Check. Pao Bhaji. Check. Chole Bathure. Double Check. They also do a Bengali-style Jhalmoori, which we save for our 4’0′ clock cravings. And a Lassi or a Jal Jeera to wash it all down and cut down that grease we just injested. On lean days, we settle for their handy combos of parathas and dal.


Khan Saheb Grills and Rolls

These guys showed Bangaloreans what eating a really good kathi roll feels like. The Chicken Tikkas, Kalimirch Tikkas, Malai Tikka and Sheek Kababs hot off the grill, stuffed inside maida or wholewheat parathas, Khan Saheb’s rolls are game changers. Available in regular and double sizes, with or without egg, Khan Saheb’s signature taste notes include smoky and spicy. Don’t forget to order in some extra chicken tikkas, on the side.

Where: Find a Khan Saheb near you here.


Madurai Idli Shop

For lighter lunches and even snacks, we have dialled the number of Madurai Idli Shop for countless utthappams, idlis and dosas. Don’t miss out on their podi idlis, available 3pm onwards.



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