Cafe Grapevine In HSR Layout Is Perfect For Med Food And A Pleasant Ambience

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Cafe Grapevine offers lovely Mediterranean food, moments of peace and quiet, which is complimented by beautiful, naturally-lit interiors. This a cafe where you can literally spend your whole day at.

Who Is It For?

Those looking for some peace and down time. This is a great place for those who prefer a quiet corner. And, you can also ask them for colouring sheets and colours, in case you feel like doing something different in your free time today, or plan to hop in alone here.

What's The Ambience Like?

The decor is great here with glass walls and the naturally-lit interiors are a lovely change from a lot of cafes with a dark setting. They have beautiful D-I-Y bottle lamps up on the ceiling, and a cute little book corner for those who love to read. Nice place to even spend an afternoon by yourself.

Must Eat

Loved the Fattayer {a kind of Arabic spinach pie}. Had it for the first time here. Spinach hasn’t tasted better ever before. The smoked mozarella flavour was to die for. Also their hummus is great! The huge cups of tea they offer with a side of a cookie. There is too much tea, said no tea lover ever. They have a nice range of green teas on offer, and my favourite is the Basil Twirl. Mushroom and Burnt Garlic pizza and Mediterranean Sandwich {pita bread pockets stuffed with hummus} are the highlights.

How Was My Experience?

I would go again for their lovely interiors, gorgeous furniture and their generous portions. Be sure to go on an empty stomach to be able to finish all that food. They also have a selection of wines to choose from.


It’s a relatively small place. If going in a bigger group, reservation is recommended.


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