Cookies, Shakes And That Perfect Date: Hillstation Cafe Is Your Bae

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Want to get away from the city? Maybe to a hill station or atleast a place that will remind you of one. And the thought just appeared to you on a Sunday evening. Then Hillstation Cafe in Nagawara will provide you that perfect escape.

Who Is It For?

Just a short ride away from the city centre {around 18 kms}, this charming wooden fenced small cafe is perfect for a romantic date. For those who like an outdoor setting, and want to be far away from the rush of the city. And all of this with great food. 

What's The Ambience Like?

A tiny but lovely place. Wooden fences around the cafe give you that feeling of actually being in a home-like place.  The outdoor seating, and the charming ambience where you are welcome to just sit, sip some tea, read a few books and see the sun set.

Must Eat

This is a cafe so do expect plenty of cookies, shakes, snacks, and ice creams. Do not miss their cinnamon rolls and pancakes. Stuff yourself with as many cookies as you can.

How Was My Experience?

It was a date! A small ride, away from the city, literally into the woods. With the delicious brownies and the sinful shakes, this was a perfect evening well spent. I just wish they put some lights on too to make the cafe look even prettier.

Name: Nandini Nelson



Since there is only the option for al fresco seating, make sure you are fully clothed because there are mosquitos. Don’t forget to check out the cafe’s quirky paintings.


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