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#LBBEvent! Game Night With TrulyMadly

    Ashok Nagar, Bangalore

    What’s It All About?

    Euro 2016 just finished and now all eyes are on Brazil for the Olymipcs, right? WRONG! All eyes should be on the LBBxTrulyMadly Game Night at Social. From beer pong to a version of Pictionary there’s loads of fun on the cards.

    Can I Come?

    Of course you can! Everyone’s invited. All you need is that slightly competitive spirit {we don’t want a Game of Thrones situation here} and you’re good to go. OK, you need to sign-up too. But you know what we mean! If you have someone you just matched with on the dating and matchmaking app, TrulyMadly, then go on, tell them to come too. In fact, you can see if any of your matches are also going to be at the event on TM Scenes. Make a nice fun evening of it, folks. Better still, make it a bit of a date night! After all, there’s nothing like a good old game to break the ice. Plus, who doesn’t want to be at Social on a Friday night?

    Get Your Game On

    Since it’ll all about meeting new people, it’s only natural that the evening will kick off with a quick round of introductions. Sure, TrulyMadly might have you covered, but no harm in that face-to-face intro, eh? Then, as one does, you follow it up with a marvellous session of tasting Long Island Iced Teas {yup, you read that right!}. Then up your game and bring out your inner Hawkeye for some intense beer pong. Already looking for the sign-up form, aren’t you? But wait, there’s more! Drunken Artist is the next game on the cards. And yes, it does in fact involve drawing and drinking. Who’s up for this party?


    When: Friday, July 22

    Where: Church Street Social, 46/1, Cobalt Building, Church Street

    Timings: 6pm-8pm

    Find the event on Facebook here.

    This story is in partnership with TrulyMadly.


      Ashok Nagar, Bangalore