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#LBBEvent: Lowdown On AlphaBounce Treasure Hunt With adidas

Anushka posted on 28 December

We didn’t approach the likes of Ethan Hunt for it, but we did orchestrate a hunt of our own, and over a 100 people chose to accept our mission. Why, you ask? Simple: adidas’s latest offering, the AlphaBounce, was up for grabs along with a chance to test your knowledge about good old Bengaluru.

The mission — 11 clues, 5 starting points, 11 iconic spots in and around Cubbon Park, 10 teams, one winning team, and dinner and drinks for 150 people at the last clue point.

The hunt began from 5 different adidas stores across the city and took all the participants on a ride they would remember. The games included fitness tasks, cracking clues, teamwork and a lot of high adrenaline moments.

Think you know your city well? Try and crack these clues, then. There’s no shoe to be won {this time} but maybe you’ll feel like an Alpha for a few hours {thanks to the miracle of the internet}

Clue 1
No sweat! Its just begun,
All the way to the centre of the city you need to run
We’ll see you at the station
Named after the father of the nation.

Clue 2
Captain cool, the master-blaster and the wall
We’ve seen them take the nation by storm
Here’s where the city cheers for them all
While they hit sixes and fours in their best form

Clue 3
Old statue named after a queen
Also a popular layout in the city
See you under the pedestal
The greenery makes it all so pretty!

Clue 4
Home of the Bengaluru Football Club
That’s where you’ll find your next clue
It’s not just feet that you’ll have to use next
Some mind over matter for you
Clue 5
A Pompeian red stands in stark contrast
Against the greenery of this famous park
Literature, sciences and all things past
Its knowledge guides you to light from dark

Clue 6
We’re talking about man’s best friend
Who needs to unwind after a hectic week
They would definitely guide you here
If their language you could speak!

Clue 7
They say love is blind but so is justice
Maybe that’s why they all wear black & white
If you ever break the law
You may have to come here & fight

Clue 8
Put an end to the laziness, rely on your feet
The next one’s among Bangalore’s many prides
Come to the entrance of where the legislators meet
You’ll be one step closer to the treasure’s hide.

Clue 9
Built over two entire centuries ago
This colonial building is your next pit-stop
Messages of love and longing galore
The old way is the gold way, is it not?

Clue 10
If the armed forces give you the feels
You’ll know where the metal bird rests
The train is your mode of transport
May it lead you to the end of your conquest

Clue 11
If all this monkey business has got you tired
We assure you the end is not far
Try and put 2 & 2 together
To hop, skip bounce to our favourite bar
Check your answers!

1. MG Road Metro Station 2. Chinnaswamy Stadium 3. Victoria Statue 4. Kanteerva Stadium , 5. Start Library, 6. Dog Park, 7. High Court, 8. Vidhan Soudha, 9. General Post Office, 10. Cubbon Park Metro Station, 11. Monkey Bar

If you found this exciting and have a serious FOMO for our upcoming events, do keep our app handy and keep up to date. See you soon!