#TrendingNow: To Make Or Not To Make A Big Deal About Cauliflower Rice

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When the folks at Goop {founder Gwyneth Paltrow is a fan} make cauliflower rice as part of their daily diet, I knew this one’s going to turn into a fad. And at LBB, we are always willing to brave fads for our dear readers, and so we decided to give you our take on the cauliflower rice trend.

No Carbs Baby!!!

Yes, you read that right. No grains is equal to no carbs at all. A rice-like texture of the finely minced cauliflower is meant to trick your brain into thinking that it is consuming wholesome carbs. We ordered Chefkraft’s cauliflower rice for lunch on a work day, and our order arrived in a chicken and egg version {vegetarians, there’s tofu for you}. I’d rather call the dish a cauliflower scramble than rice. The dish came packed with chicken bits, eggs, veggies and had a hint of ginger and garlic. Pretty much like a Asian fried rice, except for one thing: the rice.

The Taste Test

After shovelling in the first couple of spoonfuls, I was surprised to see that I didn’t mind it at all. But mid-lunching, my mind and body started playing dirty tricks. All my body wanted was some fried rice, like the real deal, with gleaming pearls of carb-filled white rice. I started imagining how much this faux fried rice would taste better when stir fried with real rice and not some grated veggie posing as the king carb {just like the bevy of Indian star kids now posing as Kylie Jenner on Instagram, but you know that there can only be one King Kylie, right?}.

We also found the dish to be low on salt, and years of gorging on greasy Chinese fried rices have created that lust for extra saltiness. I started having visions of mixing Sriracha, soy and what not, to get through the entire meal. Even after having the entire bowl, I still had that vague sense of discontent — that I had not really eaten a meal.

Counting Calories

But some of my rants {in my head} against the humble cauliflower rice, were drastically reduced when I realised that compared to a regular fried rice serving that would have set me back by a whopping 529 calories, the veggie scramble only works up to roughly 131 calories.

Are We Getting This Again?

Cauliflower rice is the perfect lunch option, when you don’t want to eat salad. Packed with proteins and flavour {to an extent}, this shouldn’t be such a terrible alternative. But I don’t see myself ordering this regularly. But it’s perfect for those days when your conscience is particularly pricking you into eating something healthy.

Price: INR 325 for vegetarian and INR 350 for non vegetarian

Check out Chefkraft’s website here to order online.


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