Ten-Second Takeaway

Step into the pages of history at Le Colonial, a Neemrana property. Touted to be Asia’s oldest hotel, dating back to 1506, it’s a hidden treasure in the quaint town of Fort Cochin.

Patio Of History

As is typical with this chain of boutique hotels, this one retains the charm of a bungalow. A large wooden door leads you into the almost-secret getaway, and like you’ve entered Shangri-La, a large garden and the dominating house appears before you. Follow the inner patio and you’ll glide through to the garden, which also houses the swimming pool.

Truly old-world, the dining area and living room is like it would be in a home, and encourages guests to catch up as they unwind. Of course, most of the time, you’re likely to be living in and around the swimming pool – possibly the best spot in the house. More so when you’re getting a massage there. And it comes highly recommended to sooth your city nerves.

Room Service

le colonial heritage property by neemrana hotels in kochi

Source: Neemrana Hotels

Rooms, very colonial, indeed, will throw you into a time machine, no matter which of the eight plush ones you choose. Named after Dutch or local influencers, all of the rooms or suites feature swanky mahogany and marble en-suite bathroom and the suites have a private terrace for you to retreat to. Jan Van Spall, named for the last Dutch Governor, is a massive room with two king-sized beds – perfect for a family. Or pick Major Petrie, which though smaller, overlooks the impressive St Francis Church.

Suite Tooth?

Fancy a hint of India? Tipu Sultan’s namesake is cosy and features a gorgeous almirah and teak wood blinds typical to the Sultan’s era. For a more medieval and a Portuguese touch, Vasco De Gama is for you. But who wants all of that when you see what must have been the master bedroom in its glory day. Say hello to the Viceroy. Decked out in art deco furniture, a secluded terrace, tree branches adding to the privacy and you’ll really feel like nobility, if not royalty here.

Go Local

Being a port town, fresh catch of the day is usually the centre of attention at the kitchens, and thereby on your platter too. With local ingredients being focus too, your best culinary bet is having the regional specials off the buffet. We love that if you have a particular local dish in mind, but it’s not on the menu, the chef will still make sure you try it. At your service, at its best! For the less adventurous, they do serve a smattering of Continental, Italian and Chinese.

Featured image via: Tripadvisor