Lock And Load: It's Game Time At The League Of Extraordinary Gamers

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Experience video gaming the way it’s meant to be, with maxed out graphics and professional gear at the League Of Extraordinary Gamers.

Get Your Game On

Swathed in an unearthly green light, brows knitted, fingers flying rapidly across keyboards, gamers at the League Of Extraordinary Gamers wage a silent online war. Not just your casual gaming centre, the Nvidia Experience Zone at LXG is fitted with the latest in gaming hardware, running the most graphically demanding games effortlessly. We’re talking about AAA titles {games of the highest quality} such as Far Cry:Primal, The Division, COD, Witcher 3 and Titanfall. And of course, it goes without mentioning that they’ve got world favourites like DOTA 2, CS: Go, League of Legends, World of Warcraft and Team Fortress 2. While PC gaming takes priority at LXG, console gamers aren’t forgotten. With comfy beanbags, large screens, gaming on the XBox Ones and the PS4s is a real blast here.

With a blistering 250 Mbps internet connection, online multiplayer games show no perceivable lag, eliminating a common gaming frustration. The gorgeous 144Hz monitors do justice to the graphics intensive titles, while the comfortable, high-fidelity headphones allow for long stretches of gaming without listener fatigue. Add to that the gaming grade keyboards, mice and mousepads, and you’ve got yourself a near ideal setup if you want to go pro.

Level Up

Speaking of going professional, gaming is a far cry from where it used to be a decade ago. Today, e-sports are a legitimate career option, with their own ecosystem. Looking to inject some life into the still nascent e-sports scene in the country, LXG also aims to provide tools, mentorship and sponsorship to up-and-coming gamers. To do this, they’re also building separate rooms for streaming and video blogging – the whole nine yards.

After a few hours of some serious gaming, you’re going to need a break. LXG is currently building the first Dota 2 themed café where you can sip on some coffee among smouldering boulders and magical fauna, while watching live streams of tournaments held in-house and elsewhere.

Where: Plot No. 15, Ground Floor, 12th Cross Road, Domlur II Stage, HAL II Stage, Indira Nagar

Timings: 10am-10pm

Price: INR 100 for one hour to INR 2,000 for 50 hours

Contact: 080 49515888

Find out more here. Follow them on Facebook here.


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