Learn English In Your Native Language With Help From Humans & Bots!

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What Makes It Awesome

As sad as it may sound, English today is a prerequisite for pretty much anything, the most important being a job. If you're someone who has struggled with spoken English fluency, you're probably nodding right now. Let your worries be gone with Utter. This Indian app is helping build self-esteem and careers by helping people learn English in their native language.

The way of teaching and learning is pretty cool. It's a blended model that fuses tech with human resources. No, this isn't another group e-class, it's an opportunity for you to learn English comfortably, at your own pace. The courses on offer are -- English Grammar, English Conversation and Business English. Once you get on the app you can take chatbot lessons as often as you like. And also go through them time and again. Have a doubt? Ask your expert, a real person who can help you understand in your language. 

Features like translations, meanings and voice recording (the bot will ask you to say a sentence to track progress) also help make learning that much more easy.  This isn't a free app but the prices aren't exorbitant either. Courses start INR 199 a year going up to INR 250 a year. The idea is to keep the app accessible to those who are fully invested in learning the language. 


You can download the app on Google Play Store. Utter has recently launched 30-minute live sessions with fellow learners each day, for those who like the classroom like environment. You can also upgrade to Utter Pro. Read more on their website.