Interested In Learning About Film Photography? This YouTube Channel Can Help!


    What Makes It Awesome:

    Widely speaking, it’s safe to say that most of us appreciate a good picture. But are you someone who appreciates the process of it? From the aesthetics, the experience of finding a subject and the nuances of photographing it? If that is something that excites you then you should check out A Roll Of Film on YouTube!

    Starting out with refurbishing his family’s vintage camera and lens collection, Vikram Nanjappa started A Roll Of Film when he realised the excitement he felt while handling the various dials and knobs of the analogue camera and tweaking them to get the perfect shot. These days everything from our phones to fancy DSLR cameras are able to click high-quality pictures with just a push of a button (or a tap on the screen). There is no excitement in taking pictures since you can just snap away multiple shots and pick your favourite two from a hundred. Which is why film photography is so endearing to many photography enthusiasts, Vikram being one of them. 

    A Roll Of Film is the perfect place for any expert or beginner looking to explore the wonderful world of film photography, with detailed reviews on lenses, vintage cameras and also guides on how to use various cameras. You’ll find that the videos are informative and easy to understand even if you are a newbie to photography. 


    For all those who are interested in taking this interest to the next level, we have good news! A Roll Of Film will host an online workshop on Film Photography in the last week of February. Subscribe to A Roll Of Film on YouTube and Instagram to keep yourselves updated with all their content and upcoming workshops.