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Learn and Love to Cook at Chef Happy

Navya posted on 28 August

Just two months old, Chef Happy calls itself an entertainment kitchen. With each cook, it aims to fan the flames of your budding romance with food. Whether you are a novice or a proud homecook with Chef Happy you’ll take the fun route to earning your master chef title. While the space has already seen some serious cook-offs, culinary classes for students of all ages will start from this month.

Kitchen confidential

Keeping up the charm of 153 Biere Street, in which the studio is located, Chef Happy is pretty as a picture. The turquoise walls come adorned with vintage posters from the bygone Times of India Annuals that showcase everything from Ovaltine biscuits to Brooke Bond Tea. Age-old cocoa tins, ovens, and a sizeable 3-in- 1 that’s got a TV, cassette player and radio will surely remind you of a simpler times. Chef Happy also sources and sells a range of old-world cookware that lines its shelves and walls.

What’s cooking?

Inspired by similar culinary-centric experiences abroad, Ajay and Shilpa Alur launched Chef Happy. The couple customises cooking competitions for corporate outfits and people who are looking for a unique way to celebrate occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and, even, weddings. The event planner, among you, in cohorts with Chef Happy crafts a menu (from Vietnamese to Indian) deciding the cuisine and the difficulty level. Once the plan’s in place, you walk in with your team, loot the pantry and get cooking. A handy vegetable and herb garden on the premises lets participants add fresh ingredients to the dish-in-progress. At the end of three hours, winners walk away with stunning plates of food and bragging rights.

A class apart

Starting September, things are going to start heating up at Chef Happy. Weekends are going to see classes with kiddies donning the chef’s hat and make their culinary debuts. For the adults, theme-based sessions {a Lebanese mezze class for starters} that delves into specific cuisines and cooking styles are in the works. Non-professional, yet stellar cooks will lead the classes so you get interactive sessions where everyone learns from each other.

Where: 153, Biere Street, Varthur Main Road, Whitefield
Contact: +91 9880833544
Price: INR 1,999 per person {approx.}
Find them on Facebook here.