Cheese Naan, Doner Chicken And Budget Combos Make This Grill Place A Winner

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Leon Grill In Indiranagar will take care of your lunch or even 4 ‘o’ clock cravings with their cheap and cheerful rolls, burgers and combo meals.

Who Is It For?

For those always looking for big meals at budget prices.

What's The Ambience Like?

The restaurant has a open plan kitchen where you can see your mats being grilled and stuffed into rolls. Wooden tables and benches give the impressions of a booth liking seating situation. The atmosphere is casual and laid back.

Must Eat

I tried a combo meal, which got me  doner style grilled meat stuffed into a pita pocket with plenty of cabbage, mayo and sauces. There was also piece of spicy fried chicken, similar to the KFC ones, but much more tastier. No seriously! Plus. there were fries too. But simple cheese naan is what we are rdering again. The Naan came stuffed with gooey cheese and green chillies, and was so good to much on by itself. There was also a mini bottle of coke that came with the combo.

How Was My Experience?

The service is fast and friendly and the menu will suit everybody’s budgets. A combo meal here justs costs INR 220. That’s a steal!


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