From Good Starters To Interesting Cocktails, Pop By This Microbrewery Now!

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What Makes It Awesome?

ShakesBierre is one of the finest pub and dining place in the town. They have a great menu signifying parts of the whole world and they are really very well focused on their quality of food.

The whole place is decked with paintings and stories from Shakespeare's era, revolving around the work of the great writer. They have indoor seating and a spacious rooftop with a bar at both levels. The ambience of the place is to another level.

They serve 6 different beers if which my favourite was spiked it up, even their coffee beer was really awesome. Then they serve some amazing mocktails and cocktails. Litchi twist, Shakespure, Pins Colada to name a few. I really liked the presentation of Heart of Gold. So they have some well-presented cocktails and also they are pretty good.

As said already, they are very much focused on their quality of food, we got the same feeling for all the starters. Their nachos were one of the best of the starters. The tawa lamb chaap was luscious soft from inside and well marinated from outside which gave the whole cuisine an awesome taste. The shrimp popcorn was something like a very good snack with the beer. The crispy chaat masala was something which I never expected in a pub, but believe me, it was one of the best chaats with aubergine. Fish tacos and Jujeh kebabs were also pretty good. A special mention to Vietnamese rolls, something new for me, but liked it to my heart's desire.
Other starters you can try are podi Idly if you want some south gun powder flavour, lamb Boti kebab, sambal prawns served in fresh banana leaves, Sigara Boregi, Arepa grill which was perfectly spicy and Dahi kebabs soft and full of flavours.
The main course here was unparalleled. We started with some steamed rice with some authentic curries like Goan fish curry, erral thoku and Alam kodi chicken and prawn curry. Served hot and fresh, they went very well with steamed rice, and all the flavours were very distinct. Even to my surprise, I actually liked the Ghost Mutton Dum Biryani, which was full of flavours and aroma.

When the desserts come to the table, Shakesbierre presentation is something to see. So well presented and decorated desserts. Baked Alaska with vodka, the baked blueberry cheesecake was very soft and the blueberry sauce was very sweet.
The red wine poached peer with whipped custard and chocolate brownie with Chocolate chips were my choice. The coconut creme was something the coconut lovers will like. All the desserts were very satisfying.

The staff was cooperative and well behaved and the service was very good and fast enough. I would come to this place again and again with family and friends to try their never-ending list of cocktails, starters, and main course.

Everything starting from Ambience, cocktails, beer, starters, appetizers, Main course, desserts deserve a 5/5.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

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