This Cute Little Cafe in Koramangala Is Perfect For Our Evening Bites

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What Makes It Awesome?

On an absolutely heavy rainy day in Namma Bengaluru, we stepped under the Coconut Tree. The place as it goes by the name does have a coconut tree right in front of it. The place is near to JNC and is in the prime location. As it's on the parallel road, parking can be done around the inside streets of Koramangala. However, valet isn't available as it's just a cafe.

Coming to the ambience, the place has 2 floors and has good seating capacity. The walls are awesome with trendy hashtags and wall arts. The colourful walls give you a perfect shot for all your photos.

Coming to the food. The place is a pure vegetarian place. And it has a lot of options available. From Indian bread and sides to continental, From cold shakes to hot coffees, it has it all. We as always ate a lot but unfortunately wasn't with a big gang so we ate a lot but tried only a few.

Coming to the ones we took,
We ordered a KitKat shake, Mr.bean pizza, Onion rings, Hot coffee and the best of all the Pav bhaji. The shake was perfect with not a lot of sugar, the blend was good and the topped whipped cream was excellent. The Mr.bean pizza was a farmhouse ride, it had peas and beans and a lot of veggies which was a delight for people who love such ones. The onion rings were crispy and as good as any other place, but the presentation here was good. And finally the Pav bhaji, we loved it to the core. Apparently, they have a chef from Mumbai who's an expert in this and it was clearly seen on the taste of it.

They do have a lot of pav bhaji only fans who come in the evening just for it. And now we have also joined the list. So you know what to order now. So head over here today!

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

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