Feed Your Gypsy Soul With Levitate Boutique In Indiranagar

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From stunning chunky jewellery to hand-painted henna crockery, candles that fill your senses and long faux braids – this place is what dreams are made of.

Levitating To The Next Level

The warm, mellow fragrance of naga champa and a rather contrary EDM remix of the Gayatri Mantra take my senses to a mystical place. I levitate (don’t worry, not literally, only with the help of a few steps) and a couple of seconds later, I’m caught in a bohemian rhapsody. The four sides of this quaint store is all covered in art. My eyes shift from one pretty thing to the next, unsure of where to rest. From the ceiling hang enchanting dream catchers in colours of the rainbow which immediately make the place hard to leave.

Kitsch Galore

Along the walls are posters of old Bollywood blockbusters such as Guide and Mother India, and nostalgia comes gushing. Bamboo wall-hangings featuring Kerala Mughal art, quirky bottles with glowing lights that look like a million trapped fireflies and recycled lampshades with embossed marijuana leaves are a few elements that would add a kitsch aura to any house. Afghani patch fabric that can be stitched on to a blouse or a t-shirt, dresses made out of recycled silk sarees, handmade African slippers made of beads, Rajasthani Lambani embroidered tote bags, tie and dye stoles, chunky necklaces, brass earrings, anklets made with German silver, mojris in pure leather and colourful socks in glass jars are saved for those moments when one truly feels like a flower child.

Other items that my eyes couldn’t help but savour were phone covers that double as pouches, funky table mats, wallets, diaries, coasters, mugs and glasses that spelled all things fun. Dreamcatchers made with hemp, lotus incense sticks, each of which burn for four hours, and statement Lambani neckpieces made of cloth and old Indian 5 paise and 10 paise coins are things I fell in love with. As tempting as these might seem, it would be fair to say the steep pricing will make you think twice, but then again splurging once in a while would totally be worth it.


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