Linens And Zero Waste, This Slow Fashion Brand Is Taking Daily Wear To The Next Level

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Vein Studio

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What Makes It Awesome

The Japanese have really nailed the less-is-more aesthetic, especially when it comes to clothes, and even though we love how effortlessly chic it can make us look, what’s life without some disruptions, hey? Vein Studio marries the carefree vibe of punk with the clean cuts and styles of minimalism.

With offerings for both men and women (and some androgynous options as well), the clothing may be loose and mobility-friendly, but not as free spirited to be called Boho. Largely designed to function as daily wear for work or just chilling with the gang, find blouses, shirts, trousers, skirts and dresses in earthy colours, versatile shades, and some pops of bright colour. The styles change with the season (but they’ll make your fav look, with a few minor changes should you have one and ask really nicely), so don’t worry about catching someone else wearing the same thing as you by them.

Using different types of linens and organic cottons, the outfits are handmade and custom stitched to your fittings. Contact them via email or social media and they’ll send you their lookbook, from which you can choose and customise your look. As of now they’re nomadic, and while their home base is Delhi, they pop-up at a different part of the country every month, so keep an eye on their page.

What Could Be Better

As carefree and basic as they may be, for daily wear, paying around INR 3,000 might not be the most affordable addition to your closet.

How Much Did It Cost


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