Shop Floral Printed Stools And Embellished Cushion Covers At This Store On Commerical Street

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What Makes It Awesome

On busy, busy Commercial Street is a home decor store, easy to miss (but you shouldn’t) yet such a good find. Linens N Drapes houses a plethora of home decor products, even customises. The sheer variety on offer at the store might have you spoilt for choice, so if you are renovating your house or moving into a new one, you can find something that resonates with your aesthetic here. From stools to curtains, find everything under one roof at Linens N Drapes. They also have curtains made out of different fabrics like lace, sheer organza, and silk among others. Find bead curtains that can really add that touch of fantasy to your living room or bedroom. They have a variety of colours so you can either make it a mishmash of all the colours or go the monochrome way.

This fabric cushioned stools with detachable legs are pretty and work great as a backrest or even a floor seat. If you have something else in mind for a stool, they’ll customise that for you as well. Find stools with floral prints in different colours and shades priced at INR 1,450. Graphic designs featuring Bob Marley, Che Guevara, Albert Einstein, Mona Lisa catch your fancy? Or maybe New York and Paris, other pop culture references or places you’ve been to or have been longing to go to? Get these cushion covers to add some quirk to your space. Needless to say, they customise these too. They also have embellished cushion covers made out of velvet and silk that are guaranteed to give your space the regal look. Find mirror work embroidered cushion covers starting at INR 500 for a bohemian look.


They also take up projects to do up your room or even your child's room. So, hit them up if you are renovating or moving into your new pod.


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