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Here's Our Countdown To Christmas With The Ultimate Gifting Guide!

It’s nearing that time of the year and gifts are a plenty. With Christmas right around the corner, it  means Christmas gifts for everyone and their third cousins! Now, we understand that everyone has a different idea of what makes the perfect gift, so here’s a whole set things you can choose from. And we're using a carol (12 Days Of Christmas) to set out this list so no one judges us for shopping so much!

Twelve Types Of Bedding

Seems like a bit much before you realise there are 12 months in a year and we’re at our coldest at the moment. With Bangalore's fluctuating weather, there’s no point in bulk buying any one type of bedding. You could go all out and get something exquisite, or something handmade and exclusive. Other ways to spruce up the bed-space could include comfy cushions and throws.  If you can't decide, there's always this list.

Home Décor Stores

The Purple Pony


565/1, 15th Main Road, 4th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru


Eleven Coffees Brewing

Yes of course 11 at a time is not what we’re implying, but a few packs of cold brew, or decoction is a welcome addition to cold winter evenings, and long days of Christmas prep. Of course, the more mindful of us would enjoy some filter coffee powder (or instant coffee) , if that’s your preference), or learn to make Barista style coffee ourselves to brew that perfect cup...or many. 

Ten All-Time Munchies

Okay, this is a bit of an easy one, but what’s life without snacks eh? Though not a casual snackable, your recipient will thank you for all the 10 Cuts Of Cheese on their culinary and gastronomic adventures, and maybe some wines to go with it? Or get a pack of (healthy) chocolates or loose granola to help with that eventual New Year’s Resolution. If you (and the recipient) don’t care, why not straight up get them cookies from Love and Crumble Co. 

Food Stores

10 Cuts Of Cheese


Inside Mustard Cafe, 80 Feet Road, 1st Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru


Nine Knick-Knacks

We will never, ever discourage people from buying knick knacks! Be it for your home, room, office desk, or just generally to uplift your spirits. If budget is a constraint, we have a host of Japanese inspired stores in town to buy knick-knacks (and useful stuff too)! For the more traditional ones, check out an emporium for Indian handicrafts. Know someone into quirky stuff? Check out Gemkilp, or Ekamatra for the more artsy kind. If you’ve a friend (or you are) setting your home up, use this opportunity to combine a tasteful housewarming present with some cool home decor

Eight Everyday Essentials

There's nothing like gifting an everyday essential that your friend will use for years to come. If they are trying to make the switch from plastic, we've got a great list of products that you can consider gifting for those trying to live a plastic-free life. For those who live their mugs and want to keep their kitchen near and organised, there's Mahaveer Glass and Crockery to check out. You can also check out The Organic World for bamboo toothbrushes and all-natural everyday products. 

Seven Sets Of Stationery

For the stationery fiends, boy do we have a great many stationery stores and brands in Bangalore for you to check out. Start off with The Reliance Stationery Mart, which is a haven for all the artists in town. Speaking of artists, Alicia Souza and Ink Trails have great merch for doodle lovers. But if you are looking to gift fancy schmancy stationery, notebooks, and office utilities, there's always Muji. For the notebook fiends, you've got and Quirk Station to hit up. These guys also do planners, to-do lists, and postcards too! 

Stationery Stores

Reliance Stationery Mart


55, Commercial Street, Tasker Town, Shivaji Nagar, Bengaluru


Six Skincare Hampers

Great skin is a gift (with constant maintenance), and au naturel is the way to go as far as ingredients are concerned. Pick up a hamper for your friend obsessed with Korean skin care, or just keep it natural. If you’re unsure of what they really like, there’s nothing like a fresh scented cold processed soap, or even dessert themed soaps . And you can appease your 420 friendly friend too ( legally ).

Cosmetics Stores


Mantri Square Mall, Sampige Road, Malleshwaram, Bengaluru


Five Fab Pieces Of Bling!

The season for catching the glimmer and magic of Christmas cannot be complete without some bling. Get a new piercing maybe to add to it, or find yourself something wearable sans piercings. Get something engraved on metal for that special someone or someones, for a super personlised present. For your more hipster friends, set something edgy and exclusive or chunky and extravagant. Play it safe and get pieces for work wear and Indo Western occasion wear. 

Four Fronds With Florals

This year has been all about nurturing some green friends at home. Plants, planters, pots, and greenscaping  are all worthy contenders for gifting options, and luckily, there’s an abundance of places. Everything from exotic orchids, to cute planters for party favour plants, and even entire small biospeheres at home (which could also work as home decor). If not the plants themselves, pick up some gardening accessories, or pay it forward while gifting your friend something green.

Three Tree Ornaments

Now what's Christmas without a symbolic Christmas tree? One of our favourite parts of it is decorating the tree (and the space around it) for all the presents you've bought. Be it for the office secret Santa, or for home, pick up some cute Inde options from Varnam.  DIYers hit up Itsy Bitsy for their cute options,  Party Mania for more versatile (yet appropriately festive). For lights,  there's Kraftistique. For those of you who are on a budget, Commercial Street is always there for you. Alternatively, you could check out one of these places

Home Décor Stores

Varnam Craft Collective


1332, Near Cauvery School, Double Main Road, Indiranagar, Bengaluru


Two Trails To Trek In

We realise that road trips and treks around Bangalore aren't exactly presents, but we also think the best gift you can give someone (especially if they mean something to you) is a good time. Take your religious friend while you satisfy your thirst for trekking. History buffs who enjoy the climb also can be accommodated, if you’d like. And there’s something with a bit of everything just a couple of hours away too. Of course, if you don’t have time to spare, but still want to try, there’s a fort just a few kilometers shy of the airport.

And A One Stop Shop For All Things Gifting!

There are many many festive fleas happening in town where you can get inspiration for decor, buy last minute presents, or just treat yourself. The best one, if we should say so ourselves, will be LBB's Christmas Bazaar happening at the Bohemian House on the 14th! See you there!

Co-Working Spaces

The Bohemian House


Woody's Hotel, Raja Ram Mohan Roy Road, Sampangi Rama Nagar, Bengaluru