For The Bihari Classic Litti Chokha And Some Fun Variations, Head To This BTM Joint

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Litti Twist in BTM is where all our Bihari-style ghee-laden dreams of stuffing our face with litti chokha get fulfilled. From the classic versions to interesting twists with vegetables, potatoes and dal, there is a lot of to explore. Plus, we hear they do a barbecue version of the chokha here.

This Is Lit-ti!

In case you don’t know what a litti chokha is, then this typical Bihari snack comprises wheat roundels stuffed with sattu or a flour made out of mixed pulses and cereals, which is roasted. This is then served drizzled with ghee and a very spicy and piquant chokha or roasted and mashed brinjals with chillies, onions and other spices. Perfect for a snack or even lunch or dinner, litti chokha is reasonably healthy too. At Litti Twist you will get many variations including those where the dough is kneaded with greens such as palak and methi, or stuffed with aloo. They also do Litti Meals with chicken curry. The chokha here is barbecued {just a fancy way of charring it on a flame we think} and served with three kinds of chutneys — coriander garlic, charred tomato and Bengali kasundi. And everything on the menu is under INR 150!

Parathas And More

Not into litti chokha? Fret not. Litti Twist also offers many kinds of stuffed paratha, including the Bihari-style sattu paratha. Plus, they do full-on vegetarian and chicken meals during lunch hours and in the evenings from 6pm. You can do rice or phulka meals here.


We hear they are opening soon in Koramangala too.


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