If It's Music, It's Got To be Live: Our Pick Of Gig Venues In Town

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Love music? Like it even more if it is live? We’ve curated a list of places you simply must go to, if watching a gig is what you call a good night out. Whatever genre it may be – from rock to jazz (not EDM, for now, though), you’re sure to find a live act at one of these venues. Perhaps it’ll be an acclaimed band, an almost-famous one or even a future Grammy-winning outfit on their debut night, these live music venues and places will hook you up with beats, riffs and solos, all played-a-live.

Hard Rock Café

Hard Rock Cafe needs no introduction. The high stage along with the rocker ambience is an iconic pilgrimage for most Bangaloreans and others alike. The old, stone building mixed with the rock memorabilia all over the walls and the guitars hung makes for a great atmosphere to enjoy the gigs in. Gorge on the legendary all American burgers and a glass of beer and call it perfection!

Indigo XP

From local to international and so much more, Indigo XP,  is another place that’s going to have an event every day. Having hosted Mad Orange Fireworks, The F16s, and many other local and National talent, they keep it fresh and happening. Of course, if it's a party you seek, they have a super popular Karaoke Night so you feel like a rock star too! Pair that with their eclectic food and beverage menu, and call it a party.


The acoustics here are an absolute dream and you’ll find a slightly more niche crowd here, drawn by the equally niche music that the place is known for. The microbrewery-cum-performance venue usually hosts to jazz and fringe artists. Think The Flat Cats, Blackstrat Blues and the Dutch outfit Wired Paradise. The Raghu Dixit Project, Lucky Ali and Bombay Jayshree are other names who are regulars here. Perfect to get into the mellow mood of jazz and sip on fine craft beer to complete the perfect experience.


Touted to be the first, and perhaps only, outdoor venue, Pebble has long been the home of eclectic and underground artistes from far and near. You can expect everything from Diana King (oh yes, indeed), the Twisted Metal fest, Grey Matter, and even the likes of Distortion Culture. For the uninitiated, that means music ranging from reggae, hard rock, metal, progressive as well as experimental rock awaits you. Oh and also Apache Indian and Infected Mushroom (live DJs count, no?).


Possibly Bangalore’s favourite hangout spot, Social is a treasure for music, food, drinks and a good time. There’s a lot of EDM gigs here, a lot of events and a lot of other artists that come here as well. When not hosting an EDM act, they also host intimate unplugged sessions. Our favourite venue is Koramangala Social followed the OG Church Street Social. 

The Blue Room

Relatively new, The Blue Room has so far hosted SoFar gigs, House Music concerts, and live and acoustic sessions. All the proceeds from these events go back to the musicians themselves, so if you ever decide to swing by for a concert, be sure to leave something in their donation box. The space also focuses on bringing to the people a variety of music including Carnatic, Hindustani and Jazz music as well.

Foxtrot- House Of Subculture

DJs, upcoming talents, and established artists all come to the melting pot of subculture in Koramangala. Foxtrot channels that underground vibe effortlessly and weekends are packed with woke millennials and enthu-cutlets grooving to anything from house to contemporary tracks. 


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