Microgreens, Sourdoughs & Leafy Greens: Hit Up This Website For Fresh Produce

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Living Food

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What Makes It Awesome

Add a dose of health and freshness to your everyday meals with the Living Food Company. The Bangalore-based company has a range of fresh produce that will make your eating habits a little better. On the path to a healthier diet? Then, microgreens section can give you the boost you need! It works for those who don’t have the patience to grow them at home or even space. Pick from either monthly subscriptions or one-time purchase of microgreens such as broccoli, pink radish, green mustard, and red cabbage.  

For those looking to add leafy veggies to their diet, you've everything from curly kale to moringa leaves and bok choy to butterhead lettuce to pick from. Of course, subscriptions are also available here. The One Person Supergreen Subscription Plan is perfect for those who love their greens. Apart from greens, you can also pick up sourdough bread, kombucha, spreads & sauces which include classic hummus, vegan butter, and freshly made Arrabiata sauce. You can also get monthly subscription for the sourdough bread.  


Do check their website from time to time for discounts on subscriptions. 


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