Artisan, Natural, Cruelty Free: Awesome Local Soap Makers We Love

In all the uncertainty and strangeness, we’re certain that the one thing that can help us stay safe and healthy during the COVID-19 era of this decade is to wash, wash, wash your hands! For 20 seconds, and remember your self-care practices. What we mean is that make sure you have soap for your handwashing, and nice ones at that! Since LBB is all about shopping local, here are some skin care, bath and beauty brands whose soaps we love! 

Bare Necessities

A zero waste brand (so you don’t feel too bad about ordering soap online) Bare Necessities has a range of luxurious feeling soaps. Even if you’re socially isolating, self-quarantined, or going out rarely, their bars will have your regularly washed hands feeling clean, but not dry. Be it their cinnamon soap, or turmeric bar, your hands are in good hands! 

Kama Ayurveda

Who doesn’t love natural soaps? Kama Ayurveda smells natural, relaxing, and makes you feel it too! Any visit to their store will tell you that much. But their online inventory is pretty much identical to what’s available online. Try not to consume the Rose, Cinnamon, and Orange soap while you scrub your hands, or their Vanilla and Oatmeal one either. They also have kid-friendly soaps if you’re worried about your little one. 

Suffuse Soaps

Based out of Bangalore, Suffuse makes cold process soaps that are all natural like hibiscus, lavender, coconut, milk, and fruit and vegetable purees. Cute and colourful, handwashing will never be a boring activity again. Cooling cucumber, beer & charcoal, and milk & honey are some of the options they have. They have liquid soap options too if that’s what you prefer. Oh and they sell soap making materials as well.


Founded by a team that includes doctors and engineers, Fuschia’s products are free of parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, synthetic colours, and sulphates making it gentle on the skin. Handmade, cruelty free, and made of natural ingredients, their soaps are great for regular and everyday use. You can buy some of their products on LBB.


Keep things fresh and light with Soapamma’s soaps. Shipping across the country, the cold processed soaps start at INR 100. Whether it’s something with extra exfoliation (try the one with coffee grinds), or something refreshing (options with lime and lemongrass), they’ve got you covered. They make small batches, so if you’re looking for something custom made, let them know in advance. And they take custom orders too. 


Organic, vegetarian and cruelty-free, Nyassa From Heaven & Earth, smells great, looks great, and will make your skin feel great. Choose from delectable scents like exotic rose, sandalwood, and French Lavender. They also have other body products like bath salts, and rich body butters for those days you use skin-care for self-care. And they’re available on LBB too!

Nahao Bath Range

With Deliciously fruity flavours like Sweet Lemonade, Minty Coffee, Strawberry Custard or Cinnamon Orange among others, keep in mind that Nahao is for tropical for topical use only! Cruelty free and with natural ingredients, the Kolkata Based brand hand makes soaps with glycerine (bye-bye dry skin while washing your hands five times a day). They also custom make soaps for whatever your skin concern is, and have subscription packs should you want it.