Get Freshly Made Bread, Condiments & Beverages Like Jun Home Delivered To You From This Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

Whether you want freshly baked loaves, spritzy kombuchas, or some freshly made jam, you've Local Ferment Co. to turn over to. We found this Bangalore-based (they have a branch in Jaipur too) kitchen, fermentary, and bakery when we were looking for some quality bread to make our grilled cheese sandwich. A quick scan of their website revealed two things to us -- a) their range of products and b) they ship all over India. The last observation had us excited because that meant sending some croissants and sourdough bagels to the LBB Crew in Kolkata and Mumbai. They love those. 

But let's go back to the range. It's the bakery section that we are in love with followed by their beverage section. We ordered their sandwich loaf, focaccia and croissant, and when it arrived (in Bangalore, they deliver using Dunzo), you could tell it was freshly baked from the smell. The loaf was soft and perfect for our grilled cheese sandwich. Good for dipping into soups and curries too. The croissant was buttery and the flaky -- just the way we like it. Our next order is going to be for their poolish style banh-mi and their San Francisco style sourdoughs.  

In their beverages section apart from kombucha and ginger beer, their piece de resistance is Jun, as Akash Devaraju, the founder tell us. It's a fermented beverage like the kombucha but uses a raw honey-green tea base, so you get that floral sweet notes of honey but also all the tartness & fizz of a kombucha. A modern probiotic drink that's perfect as it is, or as alcohol mixers. Folks in Bangalore, you can order from Green Theory too! You can get their kombucha and jun in Bar Palladio in Jaipur -- they have a coffee kombucha (which you can also order online from Local Ferment Co.) 


We didn't even talk about their cheese, butter, and condiments. Go check it out guys, they have everything from cultured, flavoured butter in options such as sundried tomatoes (perfect for pasta & as a spread) to fresh cheese such as camembert and condiments such as full-grain mustard and red wine onion jam. All of which can be home delivered. 


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