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Don’t Miss The Longest And Fullest Blood Moon Of The Century Happening This Month

Aakanksha posted on 19 July

How lucky are we to be seeing so many Blood Moons in a single year. This July 27-28, that is Friday-Saturday, all you astronomy fans will be treated to the longest total lunar eclipse of the century. The Blood Moon eclipse is expected to last a good two hours, and will be best visible from Asia, according to NASA. If you caught the total lunar eclipse back in January, and were awestruck at that, then you’re going to be in for a mega treat with this one coming up. Or so NASA says. But in these matter, no one we trust more than them! So between midnight and 2am, that the intermediary night of Friday and Saturday, look up to the skies, for about an hour and 43 minutes to catch this rare celestial sight. While some believe these Blood Moon foretell the apocalypse, we’re just going to bring out our best camera and lenses to take photos that we certainly won’t get in this lifetime. No really, this is the longest total Blood Moon eclipse that NASA has predicted all the way until 2100. In fact, it's said to be just four minutes shorter than the longest lunar eclipse on Earth, ever! How awesome is that!