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Looking For The Best Sourdough Pizzas In Town? We Know Where

Aakanksha posted on 13 August


Want pizza just like in Italy? The Pizza Bakery will give you exactly that, and more with their loaded Neapolitan-style sourdough pizzas.

Great For

Pizzas, Ambience, Craft Beer

What Makes It Awesome

Bangalore doesn’t really have too many places for amazing pizza. So when The Pizza Bakery came along, it was happiness on a platter. Monochrome decor sets the tone at this chic space, though the terrace area is green with a charming painting of Mona Lisa joining your party. The open kitchen with two dominating brick ovens gives the whole pizzeria a rustic meets vintage feel; straight out of a town in Campania!  

Before you order your pizzas, order their Signature Stuffed Garlic Bread. The Classic is our favourite though the olive and pepperoni stuffed versions aren’t far behind. We’d rather save the toppings gluttony for the pizzas. Non-vegetarians, gear up for the meatiest pizza you ever ate -- The Pig Out. BBQ pork belly, pepperoni, crispy bacon, melt-in-the mouth caramelised onions, fresh bocconcini, mozzarella and micro greens make up this one, and it’ll take you to cloud nine. We also recommend the Creamy Chicken pizza that comes sans tomato puree. It’s replaced by a rich bechamel sauce, and is a treat. If it’s authenticity you’re after, forget the meat, just go straight for their spot-on Margherita which will convert any non-vegetarian.

There’s plenty for vegetarians too, with Popo’s Veggie Delight a hot favourite. Copiously topped with zucchini, peppers, sundried tomato, olives, jalapeños, feta, microgreens and mozzarella, we love that the pizzas here are not all about loading up on cheese. Balanced such that you can get the flavour of the sauce, toppings and the lovely sourdough base, it’s as authentic as it gets. Oh, and all you folks to cannot stop adding chilli flakes to your meal, these guys are doing you a favour in the form of the Chilli Pomodoro, Red Hot Pepperoni (a usual pepperoni pizzas loaded up with Birds Eye Chilli) as well and a piquant Cajun Chicken Pizza.  

To make it all better, order craft beer -- either the Belgian wheat beer by Saint Martin or the Dunkelweizen by Gesit is our pick. End with a Tiramisu, for Italy’s sake. 

Pro Tip

You can flambe your pizza for the sake of drama and dark rum. It’s perfect to spice up a romantic date! They also have the option of adding an egg (sunny side up) or burrata (that’s a ball of creamy mozzarella) to your pizza. Who else does that, huh? 

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