Take A Dip In The Mediterranean Cuisine, Drop By Bonum Cibum Now!

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What Makes It Awesome

So as the name suggests in Latin - Bonum Cibum means good food and the food is not just good but delicious. This airy and spacious cafe done up in patent Mediterranean colours of white, grey and blue with touches of pink and with beautiful yellow lighting create a warm yet relaxing vibe.

This beautiful restaurant is owned by Fahim and his wife who are passionate about bringing the tradition of families and friends sitting and enjoying wholesome, healthy food and bonding together. They ensure that the ingredients are fresh and handpicked.

So let’s get to the food, shall we?

I want to start with my favourite - The Feta Cheese Fattayer which I could not help having two of The Fattayer bread was soft and melt in the mouth and went well with the sour feta cheese. Feta cheese fans. This will take your love for Feta to a whole new level. Also, this slight sour taste which you associate with food from the Mediterranean was very much there.

If you want to take a dip in the Mediterranean then go try the Roasted Eggplant and Halloumi cheese parcels. Halloumi cheese is native to Turkey, Lebanon and Greece. Halloumi is slightly hard and salty cheese but high in protein. These guys make their Halloumi in-house. The salty flavour of Halloumi with balsamic vinegar wrapped in Eggplant was a delight if you appreciate good wholesome food you will appreciate this dish. The flavours were so unique and well done.

The Cheese tower is only for those who can take the extra cheese, a burger with a lot of cottage cheese, Halloumi and some melted cheese on top of course.

Oh by the way for all you guys who love well-plated food: you are not going to be disappointed at all, these guys use flowers and veggies for so beautiful yet appetising dishes. The tomato and carrot flowers made it all so colourful and I could not help going clickety-click although I never came here for the pictures.

Also, guys if you want a flavour of different countries of the Mediterranean in one meal you have to go for the Mediterranean trail starting with the Vegetable stew with couscous from Morocco, it was loaded with veggies on top and couscous at the bottom, the spicy and tangy flavours of the veggies and sauce paired really nice with the bland yet grainy couscous. Then came soothing Pumpkin Gazpacho soup which is native to Spain, it’s a cold soup with pumpkin and veggies, very nice and cooling for the stomach. The Gazpacho that we are used to is made with tomatoes but this one with pumpkin was a nice and welcome change. The Black garlic parpadelle pasta was harmonious as well with the flavour of garlic, olive oil and olives, cheese not being overpowered by strong spices or flavours and having a mild garlicky feel to it. The Lebanese rice was similar to a rich pulao with dry fruits. Then came the dessert Qatayef Asafiri which is a traditional Egyptian dessert and is a pancake stuffed with dry fruit cream and it’s a whole different thing, garnished with dates it wasn’t too sweet yet oddly satisfying after the meal. They have non-veg options in the Mediterranean trail which I did not have.

If you are a Baklava fan they even make a rich not too sweet Baklava well filled with pistachios. They even have sweet pastilles which are made of fill sheets and filled with dry fruits and are sweeter than the Baklava. My favourite though was the Orange pannacotta which was surprisingly made without any gelatin, not too creamy, made with whipped cream and yoghurt but also brought out the tangy and citrusy flavours of orange well.

I like this place for staying true to their Mediterranean roots and not trying to create unnecessary fusions. This place is not about quickly grabbing food overloaded with unnecessary spices and overpowering flavours, this place is about having a good wholesome meal with family and friends.

Must try: Cheese Fattayer and Vegetable stew with couscous on the Mediterranean trail. If you are looking to widen your palate or want to explore the Mediterranean but don’t have the money to, the least you can do is take a trip to Bonum Cibum. If you are feeling a little lost in all these flavours and different cuisines you should ask the warm and gracious host to help and guide you through this beautiful journey.

What Could Be Better

Maybe a little more guidance on what to order.

How Much Did It Cost

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With

Family, Big Group, Bae.

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