Love & Crumble Co.

    Salted Caramel Or Dark Chocolate: Even Deepika Padukone Loves The Cookies From This Home Baker

    Navya posted on 18 April

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    Generous-portioned {think extra large} cookies packed in with Nutella or dotted with dark chocolate chips, baker Anutha Shetty’s crazy good cookies {sold under the label Love & Crumble Co} are good enough as desserts and not just snacks.

    How The Cookie Crumbles

    Thanks to her mom, who’s a master pastry chef in her own right and hosted dessert-only parties from time-to-time, Anutha always was fascinated by baking. After her graduation in cosmetic science in London, Anutha returned to Bangalore only to realise her love for all things pastry and cookie. This is how Love and Crumble Co. began.

    A Fan Moment

    For two years, Anutha spread the crunchy, chewy cookie love among her friends and family before turning this into a serious business in 2015. You can choose from a range of cookies, banana bread, and her signature peanut butter cookie pie. Plus, brookies — Love & Crumble Co’s version of brownie-meets-a-cookie. She’s open to working on out-of-the-box concepts as well. While she can churn out the cookies in record time, she needs at least 12 hour of notice for small batches, of say 50. Bigger orders will need 4 – 5 days since she needs time to package it as well. But the good news is that now her cookies are available to be ordered online on Entree and can be delivered within an hour’s notice.

    Over the years, Anutha’s cookies have found a big following in the city, and even Deepika Padukone is a fan, as she has made a case for Love & Crumble Co’s cookies on her Instagram feed in the past.

    Taste Test

    We tried Anutha’s Butterscotch cookies, Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie and a Dutch Dark Chocolate Stuffed Brookie. Each cookie can be easily shared between two people or if you are the type to wolf down sweet treats on your own, you could make a filling snack of this. Shetty is generous with her chocolate chips, butterscotch crunch and chocolate too. We did find the cookies a tad too sweet when we tried them last time, but we are happy to report that the Butterscotch version, packed with crunchy butterscotch was balanced with a salty cookie dough. The dark chocolate chip version was packed in with dense chips, and the brookie came with ridiculously sinful chunks of dark chocolate baked in a cookie dough with the consistency of a gooey brownie. Yum!

    Price: INR 100 upwards per cookie {there is no minimum order}.


    Love & Crumble Co.