Green Tea Meets Flavours! How Cool Is That Right?!

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Chai Craft

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What Makes It Awesome?

Herbal teas are love, aren’t they? Be it that afternoon spearmint tea to help you stay up in those drowsy afternoons or a nice cup of old Indian masala chai by the window in the rain. Chamomile tea is a life saviour when it comes to stressful nights when you struggle to sleep. All these variants and flavours come to mingle under the single roof of ‘Chai Craft’. Chai Craft is a premium tea brand who do the magic of merging the magic of green tea with numerous flavours. Their cute tins are one more reason why every tea-holic must have them. My personal recommendation is Spearmint tea, which not only helps me in staying up in the sleepy afternoon but also has helped in my pimples and PCOD. I cannot stress enough how great the taste is. A must-try for herbal tea lovers.

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