For Fresh Meat, Cold Cuts, And Marinades, Visit This Legendary Store

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What Makes It Awesome

Established more than 50 years ago, Lusitania has the answer to your every meat craving. Their fresh meats, cold cuts, and their ready-to-fry specialities have earned them a loyal customer base, through the decades. It all started with Lourdes and Lucio Franco and on their return from having lived in Tanzania, they found that Bangalore was sorely lacking, in terms of, getting their hands on succulent meats and a choice in cold cuts. Enterprising, as they were, they decided to solve the problem themselves. And that’s how Lusitania opened for business in the early 70s. The store has now been taken over by their youngest lad, Faustin Franco who loves wielding the ladle and has introduced a range of products that’s made in-house.

At the front, you can browse through the pickles, marinades, and spices rack. Lusitania’s homemade brinjal and prawn pickles are popular with clients. You can also fill up your bags with sausages (pork and beef), cutlets (mutton, chicken and beef), salami, ham, meatloaves, meatballs and roasts. Behind the counter, a team of men work their blades and chop up your meat of choice the way you like it. From steaks to mince, fillets, spare ribs, and gizzard – they have it all.


They also have a handy delivery service that promises to get your meat right at your doorstep.


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