Queen Elizabeth Approves Of These Excellent Teas Sourced From 25 Estates!

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Luxmi Tea

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What Makes It Awesome

Tea was the coveted drink of the rich before it turned into the world's second most popular drink (first being water). One such Indian Tea Brand that has existed since when the beverage was royalty is Luxmi Tea. It was founded in 1912 (over a century old, wowza) -- when the industry was predominantly British -- with the motive to break the foreign monopoly and introduce Indian tea. Today  Luxmi Tea sources teas from 25 estates across India and Africa. 

There are many reasons why you need to get to know their brews and blends, here are our top three. One, they care for their workers as much as their tea, covering schooling, housing and healthcare for every family. Two, they grow their tea harmoniously with nature (most of their estates are home to woods with rich flora and fauna). Three, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The II vouches for these teas!

From the Makaibari Estate in Darjeeling comes the fresh and delicate Queen Elizabeth Blend and the earthy Tokyo Blend (hints of rice and corn). Gisovu from Rwanda, Africa produces the Silverback Blend known for its rich buttery and nutty notes. Closer to home, Luxmi's Assam Estates make the most robust Masala Chai Blend and Jodhpur Blend. They also have prized blends from Tripura and other parts of the North East. Luxmi Teas cost anywhere between INR 200 to INR 550 for a 250gm pack and you guessed it, they ship worldwide. Place your orders on their website.


Get on to their official website for more in-depth information on their history, terroirs and teas.


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