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Magnetic Fields 2015: First Look and Line-Up

Editors posted on 25 September

For anyone who has trips to well-curated and diverse music festivals on their bucket lists, Magnetic Fields is the closest you’ll find to home. This year’s festival is shaping up to be one of their most exciting yet, and we’re here to give you the scoop.

Royalty spells Bedouins

The theme this year is inspired by Bedouins braving the five elements; the festival will bring a variety of spaces that celebrate the combination of these elements {Earth or prithvi; water or jal; fire or agni; air or vayu and then aether or akasha} and the magic they create. Art installations by the minds behind label 11.11, designer Anjali Mody and fashion designer Shreya Oza will translate this theme.

The North remembers

The Red Bull Music Academy is curating a stage for an Indian music festival for the first time at Magnetic Fields. You can expect to see big players on their North stage like DJ Koze and Objekt, who are known for their techno prowess, and Mumdance-the UK grime trailblazer. Sine Painter will also feature on this stage, a Bangalore-based electro-producer who is one of the Academy’s very own.

Daytime in the South

On the languid lawns set against the magnificent Alsisar Palace, you’ll find the day stage, ready to host the likes of Peter Cat Recording Co. with their mellifluous jazz/cabaret tunes, haunting electronica act Donn Bhat + Passenger Revelator and Chennai-based F16s with their experimental electro-rock sounds and boundless energy.

American beat mogul Shitego will take the stage too, along with HVOB {who are stellar live} and dancehall producer, Palmistry. Breaking international barriers at the fe

st will be members from Forever South and Consolidate, from Pakistan and India respectively.

Watch out for

The parties that happen at Magnetic Fields are legendary, and this time round they’re shifting to a whole other level, literally. The venue is the dungeons of the 17th century palace and the revelry on offer is still a mystery {as per usual}. Health aficionados, fret not- there are early morning yoga sessions to keep you on track. They’re also getting together with Nappa Dori for a massive treasure hunt, so you have more than one or two ways to occupy yourself.

With so much to look forward to {and more to come, stay tuned}, this’ll be one for the ages.

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