Magnolia Bakery Is Delivering All Their Sweet Treats To Your Doorstep

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Indiranagar 12th Main is now home to Magnolia Bakery, and we are beyond excited! The West Village bakery that practically invented modern cupcakes as we know it and you can now stuff your faces with, light as air, buttery vanilla cupcakes, among all their sweet offerings. For the uninitiated, Magnolia Bakery was started in 1996 in New York and has achieved pop-culture fame thanks to Sex And The City. With fresh bakes everyday, they’re known for their cheesecake, sinful cakes, and cupcakes topped with Fibonacci level frosting swirls.

Apart from pretty cupcakes, they also have cheesecakes, ice box cakes, cookies (these are some of the best we've tried), regular cakes, and of course, their legendary banana pudding. Special mention to their lemon bars and blondies. They also sell full cakes, decorated with their signature style pastel frosting with sprinkles on top if you like. Made from scratch with locally and internationally sourced ingredients, you're in for a sugar rush. The space can accommodate around 20 odd people, so if you're planning to chill their with some dessert, you can add a coffee, tea, or their signature ice tea-lemonade hybrid to cut the sweetness.


Due to the lockdown, they're currently closed but are delivering through major food delivery platforms between 12 noon and 9pm. On offer are their classic cupcakes (as well as red velvet and devil's food) with a dollop of icing, classic and cheesecake slices, cookies, and of course their banana pudding. 


Happy Earth = Happy People. Coffee = Happy Me. Should tell you enough about me.