Tagine With Millets To Popcorn Milkshakes, This New Restaurant Is Mom-Approved Yumminess

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A homely setup, right in the heart of Bellandur, Maia is a new restaurant that’s celebrating mom-made best recipes {after all, Moms are the best chefs in the world}. And it’s a dog-friendly space too.

Mommy Knows Best

As many cool and swanky restaurants as we’ve been to, we still think that none of them can hold a candle to mama’s comfort food. Based on this concept, Maia offers a menu based on recipes by moms basically, wholesome, and cooked with farm to fork ingredients. Everything is vegetarian on the menu, and we started things off with a simple Cream of Mushroom soup and a Popcorn Milkshake. The name had us stumped too, but this treat had actual popcorn in it, along with a generous drizzle of caramel sauce and we highly recommend this tall glass of sweet deliciousness.

After gobbling up their melt-in-your-mouth Mushroom Galouti and their Tandoor Ghobi, we moved on to mains, Their Vegetable Tagine with Kodo Millet, was a Moroccan-style curry bowl with plenty of healthy veggies in the mix, served with a side of Kodo millets, that paired very well with the tangy curry. We were also served Baingan Bharta, which was very close to home style cooking in terms of taste and flavour, with Kulcha that we dipped in some zesty homemade carrot pickle too. We ended things on a sweet note, with their Expresso Mousse and Vermicelli Nest with Halwasan { a Gujarati sweet made with broken wheat and split milk} & ice cream, where the halwasan was nicely nestled in an actual nest made of vermicelli.

Right At Home

Just a few days old, Maia is based out of an actual home, complete with a courtyard and done up beautifully with rustic furniture and plants dotting every free inch of space. Spread over three floors, the ground floor has an al fresco seating space {which is the dog-friendly area} as well as an indoor space made up of comfortable couches and long tables, perfect for big Indian families. They even have a small nursery for new moms {they really take their Mom theme seriously}. Moving on up, the first floor is a more breezy space for smaller groups. With quirky pop culture posters and simple chairs and tables, this is the perfect spot to catch up with close mates over great food and open, unobstructed views. Further up, is their banquet space that will be all set to host private parties and other fun events soon. 

The Road Ahead

In a month’s time, the place should have it’s own in-house patisserie and bakery, loaves of fresh breads and other baked goodies, and even moms’ famous pickles. They’ll even have their very own cheese station up and running, where you can buy homemade cheeses too. With a studio on it’s first floor, they’ll be hosting cooking workshops and tutorials by real moms very soon, so we all can get to learn authentic and beloved recipes from the best in the business. 


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